Op Avannotteria Siciliana

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Acqua Azzurra

Acqua Azzurra began operating in 1991 after careful study of the Italian coasts. The choice of establishing the site in Pachino, in the province of Syracuse, was motivated by the quality of the crystal-clear waters and the plankton-rich seabed, far from industrial sites and in that stretch of sea where the currents of the Sicilian Channel and the Ionian Sea meet.



Acqua Azzurra produces over 60 million juveniles per year. The entire supply chain is located on a single production site, and strict food safety protocols are followed to provide optimal breeding conditions for the juveniles. Acqua Azzurra guarantees the highest level of animal welfare related to living and breeding habits, maintaining the highest growth performance. It also holds UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000 certifications as a concrete pursuit of quality.

“Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion in it”

Harry Middleton.

Op Avannotteria Siciliana

Research and Sustainability.


L' avannotteria

The Avannotteria was established in 2017, in the heart of the Mediterranean, in the province of Trapani in the heart of the Mediterranean, and was developed within a site with optimal characteristics for the development of breeding activities. The quality of the water within the fingerling farm, the morphology of the coast and seabed, and the typical hydrodynamics of the Sicilian Channel guarantee the best conditions for animal welfare.



L’Avannotteria produces over 30 million fingerlings per year, and thanks to the use of innovative high-performance microalgae cultivation systems, photobioreactors, sustainable production is more sustainable, making the plant a perfectly integrated component of the surrounding environment. In our plants, the water taken is optimally reused, with little discharge, thanks to a closed-loop system guaranteeing quality and safety.

“There is certainly something in fishing that tends to produce a kindness of spirit and pure sincerity of mind.”

Washington Irving