Over 90 million
juveniles per year

OP Avannotteria Siciliana manages both land and sea transport from the two production sites in Petrosino and Pachino, using specialized means and implementing specific product control procedures, guaranteeing animal welfare and maintaining optimal vital parameters, protected from possible physical damage. We have consolidated important collaborations with leading transport companies both in Italy and throughout Europe, allowing us to reach anywhere quickly.

natural logistics hub


by Sea

Transport by sea is perfect for deliveries from production plants not located on the mainland. The vessels used for this purpose are exclusively equipped with cutting-edge technologies that allow continuous control and exchange of seawater, thus ensuring juveniles have a high level of welfare and less, if any, handling, to ensure animal health even in case of several days of navigation, which allows reaching even the furthest destination production plants. In addition, the final discharge is allowed directly into the cages, making it virtually impossible to damage the fingerlings, thereby maintaining the quality of the final product.


by Land

We carefully select trucks that meet specific temperature and oxygenation requirements to prevent damage or deterioration of our batches during transportation. Our trucks are equipped to handle external factors such as bumps and internal factors like temperature fluctuations. We choose land transportation for small-size deliveries to onshore facilities. We guarantee accurate delivery times to minimize the time that the purchased fish spend outside their natural habitat.