About us


Performance and

We start from a very solid base with facilities capable of guaranteeing a significant level of annual production, but the goals we have set for ourselves are even more ambitious. In particular, we want to have a greater diversification of species. We have already conquered a significant share of the foreign market, so much so that 60% of our production is exported to Europe, allowing us to approach new markets by diversifying our proposal. All this has been made possible thanks to a constant process of growth in research and innovation to improve the various production phases and to guarantee even higher standards to our customers. Our intent is to best satisfy the demands and needs of the market.


Development and production

The Op Avannotteria Siciliana project was born to ensure and promote the development and reproduction of fish juveniles, ensuring all buyers the certainty of a superior quality product. We constantly propose new resources, also to invest in verifying the best raw materials and to respect food safety protocols. Our intent is to best satisfy the demands and needs of the market with a production that currently reaches well over 90 million fish juveniles annually.