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Op Avannotteria Siciliana was founded in 2020 in the heart of the bright and lively Mediterranean Sea, born from the union of two historical entities: Acqua Azzurra and Avannotteria. The facilities located in Pachino (SR) and Petrosino (TP) are active in the aquaculture sector for the production of Spigola (Dicentrarchus labrax), Orata (Sparus aurata), and Ombrine (Argyrosomus regius) fish fry. The company has grown thanks to the skilled choices made following careful fish analysis of the two natural and uncontaminated sites, perfect habitats to ensure and promote the development and reproduction of juveniles, thus ensuring international markets with a superior quality product, also thanks to the Global Gap and Antibiotic-free certifications.

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An Antibiotic-Free Company

The Antibiotic-free certification guarantees strict and rigorous controls, confirming that antibiotics are not used in the production process, thanks to the respect of strict food safety protocols that allow fish juveniles to enjoy optimal breeding conditions. A totally Made in Italy process that guarantees maximum animal welfare related to their life and reproductive habits, while maintaining the highest growth performance.


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A Healthy

The Op Avannotteria Siciliana fish juveniles demonstrate their maximum potential thanks to the rich and curated production of phytozooplankton: a cultivation within the breeding. Here, those nutrient-rich microorganisms are cultivated and administered to larvae in the first phase of life. At the base of the food chain, we find microalgae, rotifers, and artemia, constantly monitored to ensure their purity and nutritional properties.

The health of our fish juveniles is the best guarantee for your business